Based in Budapest, the IHBC facilitates business, social, and cultural interaction within the  Irish and Hungarian communities.

A hub for the Irish in Hungary and for Hungarians who are in any way involved with Ireland or the Irish, we focus on three main areas: 


We aim to help Irish companies succeed by:

• Integrating them into a well-established network in Hungary

• Advising them on the dos and don’ts when doing business in Hungary

• Establishing export sales markets

• Assisting them with starting up and scaling up

• Promoting and marketing their business in Hungary

We aim to help Hungarian companies succeed in Ireland by:

• Making introductions and assisting them to establishcontacts in Ireland

• Building links with Chambers of Commerce in Ireland

We aim to help both Irish and Hungarian members by:

• Introducing them to other members

• Providing networking opportunities


As social activities and relationships help build a strong foundation for business success, our aim is to  keep our members and associates connected through regular social events.
Such events include our monthly First Friday, which provides a lighter side to business, which has to be experienced. 

Corporate social opportunity

Living and working in a new country can be daunting. Once we settle in though, we look for opportunities to contribute to the community in which we live. We want to be part of it, we want to work with it and we want to make a difference. Whether  a large multinational or a lone student, that feeling is the same.

The IHBC recognises that need and works towards providing opportunities for all our members, no matter what their resources, to contribute in a sustainable and substantial way to their community.

Some of what we do includes…

1. Local charity activities: Once a year we adopt a local charity – someone/someplace in need of help. Using our collective skills and experience, we continue to make a difference.

2. Fundraising: All too often fundraising in Hungary is restricted to big-ticket plate dinners. On the one hand, this is great. Those who can afford to contribute generate a lot of money (our members included). There are those though who fundraise on a smaller scale, with smaller, though no less worthier, ambitions.

The IHBC aims to support each member in their endeavours to fundraise. If you are looking for a cause, talk to us. We can suggest local worthwhile causes that can create that corporate social opportunity!

We’re in Hungary, having moved here from Ireland or we’re in Hungary on our way to setting up in Ireland.

In his 1957 book The Bridge at Andau, James Michener described Hungarians as the Irish of Eastern Europe. At time of writing, there are about 300 Irish living in Hungary – enough to make a difference. We have no centre, no club, no common meeting ground; the IHBC  fills that gap.

Whether you’re a CEO of a multinational, the owner of a small KFT, a freelance working on your own, a student here for the duration or a visitor on an extended holiday, you matter. You matter to us and we welcome enquiries from Ireland and Hungary, one membership, one voice. Join us just click on the link below…


Popular with children and adults alike, hiking, biking and running events are organised monthly. These are a great way to socialise with good people, make new friends, get away from the city, and enjoy the fresh air in the countryside.

There’s plenty of exercise and conversation to go around, whether it’s chatting about how the last week has been, what’s great (and maybe not so great) about living in Hungary, or what other events are coming up…



Member testimonial…

“What sets the IHBC apart is that it’s not just about the Irish. It’s about Hungary, too.

The focus is very much on bridging both cultures. And unlike a lot of similar organisations, it’s not just about business. It recognises the importance of community, of being involved, of giving a little back.

I’ve brought expat and Hungarian friends to IHBC events and they’ve all commented on the cosmopolitan mix of members. I’ve come to think of it as a little global village, where everyone is welcome.”

Mary Murphy, MD, Ir Jol Kft.

Our Board of Directors

The board of directors is made up from Irish and Hungarian business people. All roles are voluntary except for the director of operations. The organisation relies upon generous support from local business to ensure all costs are kept to a minimum and monies raised go back in to the achievement of the goals…

The members of the board are…

Matty Ryan
English Speaker
Matty has been the MD of Vistra since 2014. Prior to this he has been successfully delivering finance-centric projects for key businesses within the CEE & EMEA region. Matty is also a fellow of the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants, he also holds a degree and an MBA. 
Mark Downey
English & Hungarian Speaker
Mark has lived in Hungary since 2000 and has worked in business development and project management on a number of projects since that time. Mark is from Dublin and speaks fluent Hungarian. Mark has been involved in the IHBC since its foundation in 2005.
Dónal Ó Néill
Board Member
English & Basic Hungarian Speaker
Dónal has been coming to Hungary since 1994 and has been living there since 2003. He works as an executive coach and management trainer, He teaches Business Skills in I.B.S., Budapest.He was elected to the Board of the IHBC in 2014.
Duncan Graham
Board Member
English Speaker
Duncan is the Managing Director of G&G Wealth Ltd, a financial advisory business, and has lived full-time in Budapest since 2012. Prior to this time, he spent four years commuting between Scotland and Hungary while working for CGS Ltd. Duncan is presently divorced with two adult sons who visit Budapest often.
Howard Maxwell
Board Member
English Speaker
Howard is originally from Dublin, Ireland and has lived and worked for the past 20 years in New York in the financial sector. He moved to Budapest in March of this year due to that fact that his wife’s job transferred from New York to Budapest for two years. Howard starts his new job as a financial analyst for Morgan Stanley at the end of June.
Andrea Rimaszombati
English & Hungarian Speaker
Andrea is a chartered accountant and tax advisor, and became member of IHBC in 2012. She is specialized in SPV accounting but her company, Pillér Csoport also deals with small businesses’ accounting and tax. Andrea was elected treasurer of IHBC in 2013. szeptember 18.