New Website Launched


The IHBC has always been about connecting Irish and Hungarian interests across social, cultural and business networks. In 2017 we successfully applied for support funding from the Diaspora Development Fund with the aim of developing a new and more robust website, capable of growing with our ambitions.

One of the main aims of the website was to develop a directory where all Irish related activities or businesses could be listed, to help provide a searchable resource to those interested in connecting with those with connections to or attached to Ireland.

This new website will continue to evolve as we do. We have dedicated sections for Cultural, Social, Charity and Business activities. We have a blog area where members and contributors can share stories or updates about their activities. 

We have searchable directories for members of the IHBC and associations, clubs and individuals who are living, working or involved in activities relating to Ireland.

We hope you will share your thoughts and comments with us and actively contribute to the new site's development as it progresses.

Please note:

  • There are articles and opinions in this website that were added by various authors. They do not necessarily reflect the opinions of the IHBC.
  • This site is still being built. Please check back frequently, as we are always adding new items.
  • There may be information that is not accurate. If you see anything that is not accurate, please let us know.