Putting the 'B' in IHBC

Twenty years ago, an Irish company doing business in Hungary might have seemed exotic, a Hungarian company doing business in Ireland a rarity. But with the advent of globalisation, these are now commonplace. Here in Hungary, the IHBC offers support to businesses by providing networking opportunities and events focused on developing and promoting business links between Ireland and Hungary. Topics and speakers reflect the requests and interests of our members, bringing new business leaders and companies together in a mutually beneficial environment. Within the IHBC, member companies have the opportunity to enhance their visibility and reputation, and avail of information, business support activities, and networking events.

In conversation with

Using a TV interview format, a well-known business leader is interviewed about a topical business subject. After the interview, the floor is opened for questions from the audience and a lively discussion ensues. Interviewees have included Personal Financial Advisors, representatives from charities, and those who work in Real Estate. If your business could benefit from wider exposure and has something to offer our members, consider proposing yourself for interview. Contact us, putting IN CONVERSATION WITH in the subject line.

Joint events with other chambers

In a city that boasts a diverse ex-pat base, the IHBC is not the only gig in town. We regularly partner with other business chambers in business, networking, and social events. Our members are encouraged to attend these joint events and benefit from the members' rates offered by individual chambers. Stay current with our events by subscribing to our newsletter or following us on Facebook.

Annual IHBC business event

Each year, the IHBC hosts a Flagship Business and Networking Event, representing and promoting the interests of Irish and Hungary companies doing business in Ireland and Hungary, and improving the business environment in both countries. It is a springboard for many new, useful, and enterprising business connections. Stay current with our events by subscribing to our newsletter or following us on Facebook.

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Our biggest resource is our members. By offering a social networking forum with solid business links, we attract members from different fields and expertise. From corporates (both large and small) to start-ups and individuals, we are here to facilitate and support your growth and development. Whether you’re the CEO of a multinational, the owner of a small company, a freelancer working on your own, a student here for the duration, or an adventurer living in Hungary because you can, you matter to us. As the hub for the Irish in Hungary and for Hungarians with an interest in Ireland, we are here for you. If you’d like to join, Contact us, putting MEMBERSHIP in the subject line.