The Gift of the Gab is another extremely popular event, championed by one of our members (Mary Murphy), has raised significant amounts of money for our Give a Little Campaign, currently supporting the Orphanage in Göd.

In an effort to discover who in Budapest has the famed Irish gift of the gab, five speakers compete to give a  5-minute prepared speech and  a 3-minute impromtu on a topic chosen by the audience. Judges are randomly picked on the night and the five qualifiers compete in the final in March during our St Patrick’s Day festival.  Exciting stuff for those willing to give it a try. 


Orphanage visits

We organise regular volunteer visits to the Orphanage in Göd, Hungary, to carry out repairs, do basic maintenance, and distribute much-needed supplies.

These events are emotionally uplifting the good that can be done with just bare hands, kind hearts, and willing spirits is inspiring.


“See some photos of past events”