Letters to Santa Delivery/Elves in the Szilaspogony Nursery

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Date(s) - 16/12/2017
8:00 am - 6:00 pm

Szilaspogony Óvoda




On this special day, a team of Elves expected to arrive to this little village of East Hungary, bringing back the magic of Xmas to this rural area. The job is quite challenging: we are to transform the play area of the local nursery.


Join us on the 16th of December, Saturday, for a day of adventure. We are departing from the North Pole, and heading to Szilaspogony. Here we are to do our magic, and build IKEA furnitures, little beds, shelves, curtains and lamps. Even a wall painting artist is joining us, and a magic forest will emerge on the wall in front of us.  All the local are waiting for anyone offering a helping hand, so warm welcome is to be expected. Meeting point in the morning: 1066 Budapest, Mozsár utca 7. This is where we will pick up items to be delivered.


This is our third year, when through the “Letters to Santa” project we try to help little ones in need. The nursery is the place where they spend most of their time, this is where they learn the world, and this is the environment that can give them the most. This year we are going to Szilaspogony, where we have 24 kids under the age of 6. The nursery is keen to improve, all toys are dated, the playroom really basic. So time for a face lift and bring in the buzz and excitement of learning. The local village major is more than pleased, she has offered her help, and local workers to paint the room before the new items arrive.


This is the most important part. We are inviting all kids back to the nursery once the job is (hopefully) done. Elves, we need to hurry up!  There will be a small reception as well for the kids and elves. And we get to see a 15 min dance performance.


You can also be a Nursery Elf. 

  • It would be useful to know if you are coming by car, and others can join you. Or you would like to join someone. Please don’t forget to bring your basic toolbox for working with the cupboard.
  • If you can’t come, but would love to send a sweets, fruit or toys to the nursery, we can take it before the D-Day (16 December). and deliver it on your behalf.
  • You can also shop online, just ask me (a.bartalis@ihbc.hu) to send you the nursery shopping list of educational toys. These are samples, of course you can buy them from other source as well. You are investing in the future, so it goes to the best place.


These would be really great to get:

  • Costumes for role play games
  • A large screen – even second hand TV, so the entire group can watch together a tale or a film on nature. This is a major gift for those who can’t travel too far at all. They can get to see the world, lead by their teacher.
  • Any sporting equipments, like sledge, balls, bike
  • Profession games – like doctor’s bag, fireman stuff, mini farm, soft toy fruits and shop items
  • Kitchen toys, baby dolls with prams, doll house
  • Books, tales
  • Bathroom kits, small glasses, toothbrush, toothpaste, mini towel
  • Fresh fruit, long lasting drinks, milk, morning cornflakes, muesli bars. So anything that kids can eat and good for them.

For additional details please contact Aranka:  a.bartalis@ihbc.hu

Let’s make magic to happen!


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