Member testimonials…

What sets the IHBC apart is that it’s not just about the Irish. It’s about Hungary, too.
The focus is very much on bridging both cultures. And unlike a lot of similar organisations, it’s not just about business. It recognises the importance of community, of being involved, of giving a little back.
I’ve brought expat and Hungarian friends to IHBC events and they’ve all commented on the cosmopolitan mix of members. I’ve come to think of it as a little global village, where everyone is welcome.

Mary Murphy, MD, Irj Jol Kft

The IHBC is a great resource. In terms of business it forges a really great informal link between diverse businesses, creating real synergy.
Socially of course, no-one beats the Irish, the First Friday initiative is a great way to keep in regular touch with the Irish community and there are plenty of non-irish willing to come and enjoy the craic too

Declan Hannigan

We have been a corporate member of the IHBC for five consecutive years and not only because of the business and networking opportunities it offers.
Its Give a Little programme helps disabled Hungarian children to improve their everyday living both by physically upgrading their rooms in the state-run orphanage and by socialising through regular personal visits.
As a native Hungarian, I think it is fantastic to see an organisation like the IHBC feeling socially responsible for our children in Hungary!

Végvári Orsolya, ModusLink